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Patients and Visitors

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Social Commitment

The JEWMCH hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare to underprivileged Bangladeshi residents. The Hospital has a dedicated 10% free bed for underprivileged patients. The hospital aims to provide free services ranging from check-up programs to life-saving surgery for the poor. For the first time in Bangladesh, despite being a corporate hospital JEWMCH is committed and takes pride in serving the people of Bangladesh

Hospital Amenities


Jewmch is committed toward betterment of the healthcare facilities for the people of Bangladesh. In the process JEWMCH aims to provide lifesaving vaccine services for neonates, children and adults. JEWMCH aims to play pivotal role to improve the health status of the community. The vaccines are provided maintaining the Extended Program of Immunization (EPI) of World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Corporate Clients