Today’s healthcare challenges are growing and becoming more specific to individual patient needs. As a result, there has been a shift in the need for outcomes-based technology that can address not just specific clinical needs, but operational and financial needs as well. For challenges like these, you need SIGNA™ Explorer, an efficient 1.5T, 60 cm system.

Patient comfort in practice

From reducing noise levels to lowering the table height and offering free-breathing applications, we carefully thought through the entire patient experience to find opportunities for improvement.

Combining advancements in design, technology, and applications, SIGNA™ Explorer sets a new standard for patient comfort.

Built around our modern design magnet

Through the combination of our modern design magnet and high-performance reconstruction speeds, SIGNA™ Explorer makes it easy to produce uniform, high-quality images.

High-performance reconstruction allows for everyday use of HyperSense
In-line processing automates advanced post-processing techniques