CT Scan


Today’s healthcare environment is about creating new solutions to pressing needs. It’s about understanding how one CT exam can improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of providing care. Simple and fast, CT is arguably the most valuable diagnostic imaging tool. Yet its capacity to improve the health of the world is far from tapped.

Revolution EVO. Designed with purpose.

Revolution EVO is designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. It’s designed to support the widest variety of patients and applications, from complex trauma or cardiac cases, to large patient backlogs in busy emergency departments that strain workflows and resources. The design of Revolution EVO is made for institutions that are unable to sacrifice advanced capabilities such as high resolution for daily productivity. It is well suited for those who need to provide the lowest dose possible. And it provides options to expand your referral physician base and the services you provide to your community.

Clarity Imaging System Available with ASiR-V™

Advanced reconstruction Helping you make a confident diagnosis is our mission, and image clarity is a big part of that. Revolution EVO gives you the image clarity you need to see fine anatomical details, providing a pathway to a quick, confident diagnosis. And with the available ASiR-V option, Revolution EVO also improves your ability to visualize with up to 135% improvement in low-contrast detectability.1 Delivering vastly improved image quality across the entire body enables you to broaden your clinical applications and potentially improve treatment paths for diverse patient needs. Revolution EVO delivers high spatial resolution thanks to its redesigned Clarity Imaging System. It features the Performix™ 40 Plus tube with ultra-stable dual focal spots, the GE-proprietary HiLight detector, and the low-noise Clarity data acquisition system inherited from our Revolution CT.