Dr. Fahmida Haque

Dr. Fahmida Haque

Personal Details

  • Doctor Name: Dr. Fahmida Haque
  • Primary Speciality: Dermatologist and Venereologist
  • Experience: 8 Years

Education & Training

  • Medical Education: MBBS, MD( Skin & VD)
  • Residency: Bangladesh
  • Practice Areas: JEWMCH
  • Certifications: Bangladesh (SOMC, BSMMU)


Dr. Fahmida Haque, MBBS, MD, is a graduate of SOMC (Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College) in 2006. She took training in Dermatology from BSMMU Skin Sept.(2008-2010) & also in Medicine from Medicine Dept. of the same institution(2011).Completed MD(Skin & VD) from BSMMU in 2016. She took laser & aesthetic training from ILAMED (Institute of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine), from Delhi, India. She has been serving patients with skin problems such as-various types of eczema, allergic manifestations, psoriasis, acne, fungal(ringworm), viral, bacterial skin infections & many others since 2017. Also deals with patients with the wart, skin tags, alopecia etc. through procedures such as: cryotherapy, electrocautery, I/L steroid injections. Now she is working as an Assistant Professor of the Skin & VD Dept. Of JEWNCH.